Testimonial 1:

Wow—what a good time!  Coach Charles and his classes are for everyone.  He has separate classes for youngsters, teenagers and adults.  I hadn’t picked up a racquet  in more than 5 years, and within six of his group classes, I could see a huge difference in my playing—and it has been fun.

Coach Charles’ classes are personable, no pressure, learning experiences.  You get the instruction you need and plenty of balls to hit.  His classes vary each night, so you could be playing forehand, backhand, lobs, net, drills, or learning the finer points of playing singles or doubles.  His long experience allows us to receive the benefits of his knowledge.

Simply put, we learn, we become better players and we get the exercise we all need.

Best Regards,  DW

Testimonial 2:

As a second degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, and an Ironman Triathlete, I’m no stranger to competitive sports.  I decided to take up tennis as another form of exercise to break away from the norm.  Having played racquetball for many years tennis was foreign to me.  I spent months trying to hone my swing and serve, just to be decent on the courts.

My competitive nature drove me to desire to be better at tennis, and so I started searching for tennis clinics and coaches.  I found Coach Charles Melin after researching numerous coaches in the Pinellas-Hillsborough county area.  I started with private lessons and then augmented them with his popular clinics.

Charles’ love of the sport and extensive coaching knowledge has been able to raise the level of my game three-fold at this time, and hopefully more as time goes by.  I am currently undefeated in my office tennis league for the last eight weeks in a row.  Working with Charles has brought my game up to a level where I am confident answering challenges for pick-up games, and soon to be sanctioned tournaments.

My wife and daughter are also working with Charles and I’ve seen similar improvements in their games as well.  This has been a wonderful experience that has also increased competition within our family.

My family and I highly recommend Charles as a tennis coach.  Thank you Coach. NB

Testimonial 3:

Deciding to take up tennis at age 40, my initial goal was to lose weight. I started lessons with Charles as an adult beginner with no prior experience of the game. His professionalism, positive outlook and knowledge of the game motivated me to consider tennis as a serious sport. His coaching included visual aids, repetitive drills, stroke techniques that improved my game far beyond my expectations. After 8 weeks of lessons, Ive lost 17 lbs, won my first match in a community league against an opponent with 3 years experience in the game and with his help am continually learning new techniques and strategies. I would highly recommend Coach Charles to anyone, whether beginning the game or playing for years. He is friendly, dedicated and knowledgeable of the game and can move any player’s abilities to the next level.  Thank’s Coach Charles. PF.

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